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Taj Ganj

Way Finding Signages and Story Signages have been developed for the Taj Ganj Area near Taj Mahal.

The area around the Taj Mahal has been spruced up using the local Agra Red Sandstone in 200mm thickness and and inlaying it with white marble.

The way-finding signages are composed of two stone blocks, placed at an angle and with top edge carved, depicting an "A". Each block is carved with the locations and direction marking, one in English and the other in Hindi.

Story Signages are made of Agra Red Sandstone and White Marble, with detailed descriptions about the history of the Taj Mahal and the adjoining areas. The descriptions are in English & Hindi with layout drawings and depictions.

Agra, India
Total Spend
2016, Agra, India

at $62,000

Story Signage & Way Finding , Location

"Sculptures Stone Work"

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