Sangini House

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Sangini House

A corporate headquarters, at the heart of Surat, designed in collaboration with Urbanscape Architects, New Delhi and Utopia Designs, Surat. Celebrating, the soothing tonality and color variations in Agra Red Sandstone, several modules of stone panels were developed with a different intensity of lattice cut-outs and engraving on a shot-blasted texture. For the curved front - solid stone cuboids of 400 mm thickness were carved on either sides to achieve the curvature.

Odyssey conceptualised, developed and manufactured, the pattern and layout for all the stone modules along all the installation drawing, fixing details, and technical feasibility studies for the complex carved and tapered facade of the Sangini House.

Surat, India
Urbanscape Architects
Total Spend
2018, Surat, India

at $2,08,700


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