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Bio Diversity Park

Signages or plaques add an extra layer of design thinking to any space. This allows a person to easily walk around a large public space without needing, a guide and can get informed, about the interesting aspects of the area himself.

Odyssey was commissioned, to conceptualize, design, and install, plaques carved in Agra Red sandstone for, Bio-diversity park, Noida, (U.P). A series of red sandstone plaques were installed mentioning the names of numerous trees and plantations on the site.

This simple and clean signage scraped the guesswork, by mentioning the common name, biological name, and the category of the tree. The plaques were of size 450mm x 600mm.

Additional plaques were designed, for noting the information about the planets in the solar system. The theme of the park was to explain the evolution of life and the universe, through carvings and intricate sculptures, and plaques were designed for the same. They were of size 1100mm X 2150mm.

The plaques were carved in white marble tiles, and inlaid into the Agra red sandstone, extruded by 10mm making it visible to the reader. The grainy texture of the plaque made it elegant, besides ensuring low maintenance.

Noida, India
Noida Authority
Mr. Harshal
Total Spend
2021, Noida, India

at $53,535


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