ODYSSEY introduces its first collection of facade and vertical surfaces, CROSTA (Italian word, derived from Latin Crusta meaning Crust, signifies Surface or Skin).


Drawing inspiration from the subtle patterning of the veins on the leaves, the Foliage highlights these hardly noticed textures and brings it to the forefront in forms of wall textures and sculptures.


These driveway pavers are available in various textures and colors of granite and in 30 & 50mm thickness. 

Breathing Surfaces

Breathing surfaces add a completely new dimension, quite literally to the jaali work.

Ishi Kiri

The Ishi-Kiri collection has been inspired by the traditional Japanese paper-folding art of Origami.

House of Prayer

It could be a niche in the house, a stand alone space or a room dedicated to worship/prayer/meditation. We help you conceive and develop your own private sanctum keeping in view your beliefs and aspirations.


Aqueous, inspired by nature and fluidity, the forms from the Aqueous are intended to be wrapped around vertical and horizontal surfaces.


Kinetic has roots in the Greek word kinetikos (Kinesis) meaning motion.With the Kinetic Collection, Odyssey explores 'energy in motion', adding life to natural stone.